A New Year’s Letter from Jacob

jakubYesterday I realized that this New Year’s Eve is Mana’s 4th. It’s crazy to think that the time has flown by so fast. When it occurred to me, I started to relive everything we’ve done so far. Like most good things, it’s been challenging, yet rewarding.

Mana (1, 2014) When our company was nearly 1 year old, our office was only 100 m2. It was our first hired space, but it felt like the Four Seasons. Day and night, we did everything we could to keep ourselves focused. We were all cover by the powder looking like a snowmen. Elon Musk got it right when he compared starting a company to chewing glass and staring into the abyss. In other words: it’s possible, but not without a fight. We didn’t recognize it at the time, but we now refer to December 2014 as that December.”

Mana (2, 2015) In our second year, we had to start walking before we could even crawl. Logistics and production were a hell for us because we were unable to respond appropriately to the huge fluctuations in demand. Claims in all departments increased dramatically, and we had to start building a more resilient business structure. We jumped one hurdle after another until we finally adapted our production and logistics, bought the right machines and began making all the necessary packaging and accessories. In March 2015, we released the first update to our Mark 1 powder – an official departure from our “beta” version.  3 months later, we released an update to our Mark 2 powder, which we are still very proud of today. This was a milestone for us given that we were such a small company. We also upgraded our production line, and increased our output 10-times. And if that wasn’t enough, we announced our efforts towards the release of Mana in the form of a ready-made drink, which we decided to call SuperMana.

Mana (3, 2016) We continued our efforts in the next year, but the question remained: “how in the world are we going to make this into a ready-made drink?” We began to realise that we had been a little naive, and that it wouldn’t be as easy as we had imagined. We racked our brains for another 10 months before we finally figured it out. No one before us had made such a product in Europe, so nobody had any experience to draw from.  However, with a little determination, we were at last able to manufacture and sell our new innovation. That same year, we also updated our Mark 3 powder with several innovations we achieved while developing the drink. Another big step forward was our improved customer support, whose hours we expanded from 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Mana (4, 2017) 2017 has been characterized by maintenance and optimization of all our wild processes, as well as preparation for global expansion, which we are currently lauching at full throttle. We started by establishing a new corporation: Heaven Labs DACH GmbH. After about 4 months of localization – and with the support of a local team headed by Bitcoin king Ricardo Ferrer Rivero  – this company is now starting the sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This was a huge lesson for us on how to merge 2 companies to the benefit of each. We estimate that in the worst-case scenario, our DACH operations will be larger than our entire company is now within the next 6 months. Among other things, we released an amazing update to our Mark 4 powder just a few weeks ago.

We also have our foot in the door to the US market, where we have already laid the administrative groundwork, and are set to begin production in 1Q 2018. This is a great unknown for us, but we are driven to grow into a truly global brand with excellent products. However, we are aware that building a global team is not a game, and approach the matter in a sensitive and respectful way. We are extremely grateful that those around us share our views and beliefs, and that we have the opportunity to implement them together. We certainly appreciate your support!

In the new year, we will be launching a campaign that our whole team has been working on for over three months. We hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do, and can’t wait to hear what you think. Moreover, we’re already cooking up our next bag of goodies. In fact, our products are undergoing such a major change, that food will never be the same again.  Thanks for changing with us, and keep your eyes peeled!

So to all our families, friends, fans, customers, partners, competitors and the Mana team – may your new year be full of joy, happiness and new and exciting challenges, just like ours!

— Jacob

Mana is Amazon’s Choice

fb-amazonArtboard 6Until recently, Mana was only available through our website. Now, however, it can be purchased through Amazon in Germany and England. This will ensure faster delivery and greater credibility with our foreign customers.

Getting Amazon to distribute food products is a lengthy and complicated process. This was especially true for us, since Mana is a new type of product whose sales category has not yet been fully defined. Many companies hire special agencies to get their products on Amazon, but we were able to do it ourselves. And though it wasn’t easy, we think it’ll be worth it. We are also proud to say that Mana is currently distinguished as an Amazon Choice product, i.e. the best product in the Health section, a distinction awarded on the basis of sales. Yet most important for us is the fact that Amazon brings us one step closer to our customers, and increases the availability of our products throughout Europe.

Mana is currently on offer in Germany and England, where it can be delivered to customers within only 2 days. It can also be delivered to 24 other European markets from the same distribution centers. We are currently negotiating the distribution of Mana from other centers in Italy, France and Spain, but we still have a long road ahead.

New Mana | Mark 4 is here!


So here it comes, the upgrade we’ve been working on for so long. The improvements we’ve made mainly concern the essence of the product rather than surface-level details. Thanks to more in-depth laboratory analyses and clinical studies, we now know more about our product than ever before. It’s science that makes MANA posssible, and drives us to push our own boundaries. Enter our new and improved Mana Mark 4. On sale today.

More vitamins and trace minerals

For Mana Mark 4 we have optimised the quantities of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are important for improved energy metabolism, brain power, nervous system activity, immune system function, reducing fatigue and exhaustion, and many other cell functions and processes. In all, we have increased the amounts of thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid and biotin. We have doubled the amount vitamin B12 and vitamin B9. Together these vitamins contribute to the normal metabolism of homocysteine. We have also increased the amount of iodine and zinc in the formulation. These minerals contribute to normal thyroid activity and fertility, among other things. And not forgetting vitamin C, which we have increased by 25 %.

Complex range of amino acids

The source of amino acids in Mana is a combination of soy and oat protein. Laboratory analysis shows that Mana contains sufficient non-essential and essential amino acids to meet daily protein requirements. A day’s worth of Mana Mark 4 includes 101 g of protein. The different amino acids and their quantities are now shown on the nutritional information label. The amino acids that we get from consuming protein are essential for the growth and repair of the body’s tissues. They play a role in the transport of substances around the body and are necessary for the synthesis of many hormones.

A diverse and rich spectrum of fatty acids

By using an excellent new source of high-quality vegetable oils, we have achieved an impressive comprehensive fatty acid profile. This includes the traditional DHA and EPA fatty acids, which contribute to normal heart function. The unsaturated fatty alpha-linolenic acid in Mana contributes, for example, to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels. It’s worth noting that the formulation now contains 2.5 g of asclepic acid which is an essential component of cardiac lipids, and 200 mg of nervonic and lignoceric acids, essential for building nerve tissue. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids at 1:2 is excellent for human consumption.

Snímek obrazovky 2017-12-01 v 13.22.57

The New MANA Drink Has Arrived!


We are very proud to present 2nd version of our ready-to-drink MANA. Our  team has worked day and night to push boundaries step forward. We have been listening to all of you and worked on the changes. Thank you very much for your feedback. New MANA is both better and tastier, then ever before. Order today at www.drink-mana.com!

We knew from the beginning that we would be producing something very complicated, something that needs to be developed. So before we said, “Yes, let’s produce it,” we did 8 smaller beta productions on a big production line. Seven were unsuccessful. This meant that we had to invest much more in research and development than we originally expected. Each test entailed high costs for setup, production and cleaning of the assembly line. But with the production test number 8, we finally reached our goal. What gives MANA Drink its unique taste and texture is mainly defined by the ingredients and by the final process of homogenisation and heating to a temperature of 140 degrees for two seconds. During this process, all the ingredients are broken down into microparticles, which prevents them from sedimentation. Although developing and testing new products using this technology is more demanding, it enables us to avoid the use of preservatives.


Ridiculously loaded. Seriously delicious.

We’ve upgraded mainly the texture and taste, but we’ve kept the outstanding nutritional values – for a drink that’s more perfect, and more delicious.

What’s new:

  • The taste
  • The texture
  • The feeling of fullness

What’s not:

  • The nutritional values
  • The ingredients
  • The quality
  • The price

PS: We will never stop developing, and will always do the maximum to push our own limits. As a very young company, we are delighted to have achieved peak technology relatively quickly; and will continue not only to challenge ourselves, but to set new standards for the entire industry as well. However – and most importantly – none of this would be possible without you, our customers. Of course, that’s easy for any company to say, but we really mean it. Those of you who follow us on social media know that it’s true. After all, without you, there is no us. We really appreciate your support. Thank you from the MANA Team.

MANA | Clinical study

MANA is again one step ahead. After a months of working, we finally finish our first clinical study and we would like to share the results with you. When we found our company in 2014, we couldn’t even imagine that we would be able to achieve such a complicated and high quality form of clinical testing for our product. Similar forms of clinical studies are usually created for pharmaceuticals rather than for products in the food industry.

Making a laboratory analysis is not a new concept in our company. Marek Humpl, our main technologist has a vast expertise in the field of applied chemistry combined with extensive amounts of laboratory work. Thanks to his contribution, we have concluded that our lab analysis of essential ingredients will be a fundamental parameter in how we will ultimately develop our products. Those analysis can help us in revealing what we actually eat. We are sharing this information with you transparently. You know what we know.

In everything that we do, we are trying to beat the current standards.

These lab analysis brought us new information about the composition of our product, but what we are even more interested in is the influence of MANA on our bodies. That is centerpiece for our company. When we first became interested in the issue of clinical studies, we uncovered many things that surprised us. After we found out how it worked in pharmaceuticals and the food industry we were dumbfounded by its capabilities intrigued about how it possibly worked under such strange terms. Understanding it was not as easy as we anticipated it would be. We needed the study to be relevant. We needed to have the undeniable results with a verifiable value.

A critical point for us was to find a partner who could assure us of absolute technological and professional support, and simultaneously guarantee us that the study would be more than just a stamp with a signature.

We decided to start a cooperation with one of the best professionals  in the field of clinical physiology, Mr. MUDr. Jan Gojda, Ph.D. from the Center for Research on Diabetes, Metabolism and Nutrition, 2nd Internal Clinic of the Faculty Hospital of Královské Vinohrady and 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University.

We ran into a man who was passionate about his mission as much as we were and after hours of discussions we decided to initiate our first clinical study. We began with conducting an analysis of the glycemic and insulin index. The standard test in the food industry typically only encapsulates an excavation of the glycemic index. However, we decided to also conduct a test on the insulin index so that we could identify the suitability of MANA for people with diabetes. You can find out how it turns out here:

Determination of glycemic and insulin index of MANA

Next clinical study is already in works, stay tuned! 🙂


The glycaemic index (GI) indicates the speed at which the carbohydrates contained in the tested food are
absorbed in comparison with glucose, in layman's terms how “fast” the carbohydrates are. It has been repeatedly
demonstrated that foods with high GI are linked with the advance of obesity. By contrast, interventions which reduce
GI in diet by changing the choice of foodstuffs lead to an improvement in metabolic condition and to slimming
(Juanola-Falgarona et al. 2014; McMillan-Price and Brand-Miller 2006).

The insulinemic index (II) indicates the extent to which the given food increases the release of insulin in
comparison with glucose or a referential food. It is known that glucose is a significant stimulus for the release of
insulin, but it is known that protein-rich foods, despite the fact that they do not increase glycaemia following
consumption, also support the release of insulin. This phenomenon is evidently linked to the need for anabolic signalling by insulin for the formation of complex macro-compounds from the ingested proteins. By contrast with GI,
there are few population studies which compare the relationship of the II to the maintenance or increase of body
weight and the risk of advance of obesity or diabetes. Isolated studies have been conducted which associate the
intake of foods with a high II with the risk of advance of diabetes (Mirmiran et al. 2015). However, to date it is not
possible to state with certainty the impact of a diet with an isolated high II.

MANA Officially Entered Spain


Warehouse and Office in Barcelona

By opening a new office and logistic warehouse in Barcelona, Spain. MANA officially enters the Spanish market by interview for local national tv LaSexta.

Yesterday, we started shipping from our new warehouse in Barcelona and base on that the delivery time for Spanish customers will be much shorter. We are shipping within 24 hours after receiving your order.

Furthermore, we are building Spanish customer support and marketing strategy to serve local market just like we manage in Czech Republic and Germany. The shipping time depends on distance from Barcelona. But it’s usually within a days no more.

Thanks much for support,

Jakub, MANA

For more more informations visit our local Facebook page and Website.

It’s Not the Diet, It’s the Lifestyle

We hear about healthy lifestyles, diets, exercise and relaxation everywhere. We are literally surrounded by it. At the same time, the world around us is rushing and we have to adapt our lives to it’s fast tempo. There is little time to do everything, so we try to make things easier. This often affects our health as a result of our relentless lifestyle. Do you want to know how to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid feeling guilty about not having enough time for yourself? Continue reading.

A healthy lifestyle that leads to a satisfied and healthy organism is not only about food. It is about exercise, quality sleep, optimism and the absence of addictive substances. We would like to change our habits but we give up rather quickly. Not everybody is patient, determined and strong-willed. The key is not to hurry. Start with little things. Even small steps can lead to you achieve big shifts.

Start anytime

It doesn’t matter what part of the year is. It could be New Years, bikini-season, Monday or Friday. You can start anytime. There is no reason to set up senseless goals or place high demands on yourself. It is important to set a realistic goal and work towards it slowly; your body has been accustomed to your “old” regime for a long time, so you need more time to get used to a new one.

Do not be afraid of changes in your diet.

Forget starvation and senseless diets! Balanced and nutritious food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is what the body needs the most. What we eat is reflected in our health. But what can we do nowadays when food preparation takes our valuable time and eating fast food isn’t really a “healthy” choice? Don’t spend your time standing by the stove. With the modernization of time comes the modern art of nourishment – and the balanced liquid food MANA Drink embodies this philosophy.

MANA food contains all important nutrients without the ballast, without toxins, saturated fatty acids, cholesterol or cancerous substances. It is hard to believe, but this laboratory mixture represents a chance for global change in eating habits. It offers a way to get necessary nutrition in a simple, fast and affordable way,” says Jakub Krejčík, author of the MANA formula.

If you spend a great deal of your time on the go and don’t have much time to eat properly, MANA is an ideal choice for you. One 330 ml drink contains 400 kcal and thus covers 20% of your daily nutrient need. Just shake it, open it and enjoy a delicious meal! You can set you mind at ease too, MANA Drink does not contain any lactose or any other animal products so it’s completely vegan. If you are looking for a tasty, balanced and time effective food, you don’t have to search anymore. MANA Drink is the one for you.

Every move counts

Lack of exercise is a problem which affects a lot of people. Sedentary jobs and a global change in lifestyle within our society are to blame here. We give preference to use of public transport or cars instead of just walking. Why not try to get off a few stations earlier and walk the rest of the way. Choose stairs instead of an elevator. Find the right exercise for you. If you don’t want to sweat at the fitness center, go for a swim, or a run, try yoga. Moving to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be harsh. Eventually, over the course of time, you’ll find that every little change you have done for yourself is greatly rewarding.

We ran out of Powder. Drink is available. Why?


We ran out of Powder. Drink is available.

This weekend, we ran out of Powder. All incoming orders for powder will be shipped after March 24th. I will try to explain why does this happen over and over again. Actually, from the very beginning, it is the Xth time we are stuck in this situation. The reason is very simple: when we think, we are well equipped and there is enough reserve to cover the demand, there comes a further and unexpected growth. And this happened since beginning of this year.

In the situation like this, we overplan new production with 50% monthly growth and from it we set the production plan and schedule terms with our business partners. They also have a filled schedule and we have to plan very well with narrow coordination. Usually everything runs according the plan. But in this case we experience an unexpected growth two months in a row so the schedule can’t be changed accordingly and the the delay accumulates. It’s like a close circle, when everything is connected with everything. During January and February this year, we shipped as much as for 8 months last year! Our stocks disappeared with the speed of light.

We are in process of filling and packing. The next production will be increased by 100%.

Good news is, that we are shipping our Drink, which is also disappearing very fast. The first production of Drink was more than 250.000 bottles and we expect this supply to hold till April. I would like to apologize for the problems with the delayed delivery. Even if it seems that we don’t know what are we doing, believe us, we work hard to keep pace with the growth. Our logistic, production, packaging and expedition departments works as hard as they can.

Thank you for your patience and confidence.

Jakub, MANA

Do not destroy your body with hunger dieting, rely on a balanced diet

Many people indulge in everything they enjoy, to an unlimited extent. And they only begin to think of what they eat when they do not fit into their pants anymore. They often try to solve it by dieting in an inappropriate or even harmful way. Various detoxification fasts are popular especially in the spring, after the winter season full of heavy foods. They tell us that our body will get rid of all the poisonous substances and start a quicker weight loss. However, nutrition experts caution us to speed weight loss and advise to focus on a long-term balanced diet. Mana drink is one of the ways to may help changing eating habits. This is a delicious and nutritionally balanced food suitable for anyone that is curious with what they „fuel“ their body with and do not want to waste precious time with preparation or consumption.

Detoxification diets promise to have the metabolism to get rid of all the bad stuff, streamline its function, ensure faster fat burning, and give the body energy. However, a large drop in kilos in a short time at a drastically reduced caloric intake mostly results in a so-called jo-jo effect. This is why most recognized nutritionists warn to use caution with these spring detoxies. On many web sites and blogs, it is possible to read about short-term (or long-term) fasting, which involves only drinking clean water, tea or vegetable drinks. One- to thirty-day hunger doesn’t hurt the body, but has no possitive long-term effects and improper transfer of diet on fasting and back can cause many health problems.

Detox – a marketing move?

Detoxification effects are not only promised by different juices and teas, but also by many relaxation salons throughout the country. For a lot of money, you can massage in honey into your body or indulge in a wrap of seaweed extracts. The results of these procedures should be the release of toxins. In order to detoxify our body, we must first accept the toxins from the air and food. It is true that in our insides, some toxins actually accumulate, but the body can take care off it by itself through the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, etc. Detoxification would be necessary only in the event that our bodies contain things like organic phosphates or mercury . Therefore, if you are not a miner or you are not working in a hygienically unacceptable environment, you can get rid of all the harmful substances by yourself without advertised detoxification procedures.

Welcome spring in a healthy way

Although we are not flooded with toxins, the lifestyle of most of us is too fast and not very healthy. We are tired and persecuted by various civilization diseases. So how do you get to the proper body cleansing to bring real and sound results that can have a longer term effect, and in addition will also help with weight reduction? Our body is best served when we eat regularly, incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of clean water, restricting salt, free sugars and animal fats, avoid alcohol, include sport activities, and indulge yourself plenty of sleep and mental rest .

Get rid of everything bad

If there are strong habits and cravings for fried, fat and sweet food or fast food, you need to get rid of these scarecrows. The best way to avoid them is not to have direct access to them – so do not have them at home. If you do not have an enemy that you want to hurt, it is not recommended to donate such food to your friends. Preferably throw them straight into the trash.

Talk to an expert what to eat

If you want to give your body the best, the best is  to contact an expert who can advise on the ideal design of the diet for a particular organism. Do not rely solely on what you find on the Internet. Everybody needs something different.

Have a healthy meal always at hand

Now when you have planned out meals and there are no unhealthy foods in your apartment, you can start the long-term balanced diet. Sometimes, even when you schedule perfectly every meal, you may suddenly get hungry or will miss time to prepare a balanced meal. Do not be tempted by junk food, fast food or baguette at a gas station, reach for precisely balanced serving. A great choice is a Mana drink that contains the necessary amount of nutrients and is not burdened with unhealthy or unnecessary substances. In addition, its consumption is very fast – just shake, open and enjoy. 330 ml of drink gives your body roughly 20% of the daily energy requirement (which is 400 kcal).

Drink a lot

An absolute inherent part of a healthy and proper diet program is drinking water. The need for water for the organism is generally known. Less well-known is the fact that the water is better room tempreture than chilled one. Room temperature water moisturizes the body better, absorbs it more easily and eliminates harmful substances. In addition to water, it is possible to drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, green tea (but be careful here on the dehydration of body!) And green drinks from young barley and chlorella.


Food and diet are not the only parts of the basic building block for the proper start of metabolism. Other aspect is also to move regulary. Plug walks into your program in addition to exercises. Go out into the woods or elsewhere in nature and breathe in better air than what it offers than the city full of traffic and smog. Both, your body and soul will feel the benefit!

Taste with no borders. In February, all shipping is free.


It is our mission to remove all barriers that block the access to well-balanced and affordable food. We believe that everyone is entitled to it.

On the european market, overpriced shipping costs are one of these barriers. Ever since we started, we have offered free shipment within our homeland Czech Republic. Now we have decided to push the limits even further and to offer free shipping for all of our products within the entire European Union, to Switzerland and Norway. This offer is valid until the end of February, it doesn’t cover additional fees and taxes though. “Prices for Drink & Powder remain the same, they stay just as good as they are.”

We have also updated new pricing on drinks! Now you can buy with savings!