Benjamin Cobb

Public relations


I’m Ben and I have been part of the Motorsport industry for over 17 years now, from MX, road racing to F1. I am currently working in a Motorcycle World Championship, which means I get to travel all over the world and I see my fair share of airports, hotels and restaurants. As you can imagine that doesn’t make healthy eating very easy, this is why MANA first came into my daily routine.

Even when I travel, I train in the gym every day for at least 2 hours. Being on the go all the time doesn’t make it easy to eat healthily and consistently. MANA has been one of my secret weapons when I am constantly on the go, and it will not leave my luggage - as soon as I had tried it, it quickly became part of my daily routine.

Throughout a race weekend MANA helps me immensely, especially given the busy and hectic nature of life at the track. As well as being time consuming, it is difficult to find normal food, let alone healthy food. MANA gives me the nutrients and energy I need to be able to get through the day, and takes away the worry of being able to find food to eat. I have it on its own or with fruit, giving a little twist to the taste.

I am so pleased and proud to be part of the MANA family. It helps me by giving me energy, minerals and vitamins that I need to complete my day, on the go. Pure and natural, it’s a life savor.

Why do I use MANA?

"Everything I need and want in my diet!