Dalibor Hajdin (Deli Kvent)

Barber & TopStylist💈Toni&Guy


my name is Dalibor Hajdin, I am 28 years old. I am a barber and my job is my life. You have to work hard and be fully devoted to the job – only then can a man reach everything!

I’ve been working for the company TONI&GUY since 2009. Throughout my 6-year experience at a hairdressing salon in Bratislava, I specialized in male clientele. I took care not only of their hair, but also groomed their beards and shaved them. In my free time, I prepare courses for my colleagues, editorials and I collaborate on photoshoots. My endless love and passion for working with hair drives me continually to push the borders between hair styling and the fashion industry by combining traditional and modern barber techniques. My unconventional way is proof of the unlimited possibilities of the barber art.

For me, MANA is the source of everything that I need to be fully devoted to my job and sport activities. In my branch, it’s sometimes not possible to eat healthy, good and fast. I don’t need to stress myself out anymore about where to eat quickly, what to order, and when to have a meal during the breaks between my clients in the salon. I like MANA, because it’s easy, fast and healthy at the same time. I can take MANA with me wherever I go. I also appreciate that MANA is vegan.

Why do I use MANA?

"MANA is healthy fuel to me. It helps me feel better in general and I am much more efficient at my work and in sports"