Filip Jančík

Violinist and Music Producer


My name is Filip Jančík. I’m a violinist and music producer. Music gives me a perfect opportunity to travel around the world. So far, I’ve performed my concerts and shows in the USA, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Singapore and Kuwait.

My biggest accomplishment till this day has been a collaboration with Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne.

I spend a lot of time in my Vienna studio.

Traveling and long nights in my studio don’t give me a chance to eat regularly. Also I’m always trying to eat organic food. I’m vegetarian and I don’t even eat products that contain cow milk. You can easily imagine what a visit to a restaurant looks like for me — it’s complicated. At airports and on planes there is usually nothing I can eat if I still want to have the right nutrition . Recently, I’ve discovered MANA. It’s healthy, natural, fast and it’s even affordable. MANA is a healthy “fast food” for me. It doesn’t irritate my body and I feel full of energy!

My favorite recipe is MANA with banana, honey and chia seed. Yum!

Why do I use MANA?

“MANA has become my everyday companion, which saves my time, money and tastes really good!”