Honza Šmíd



My name is Honza Šmíd and I’m a doctor. Since I was 13 years old, I’ve been doing mountain bike trials professionally and have spent almost every weekend at competitions or exhibitions.

The human body consists of billions of cells and each of them needs a high-quality source of energy. Without it, it wouldn’t be able to work. When I first heard about MANA, I had some doubts about the actual meaning of this kind of food. However, after ordering the MANA “starter kit”, I understood everything and I changed my mind. MANA contains all necessary nutrients and thanks to that I can use MANA without any concerns. It saves my time and protects my body from unhealthy food.

In 2003, I established a group called “RideWheel” with my colleague Lukáš Müller. We travel around the Czech Republic trying to promote trials as much as possible. Thanks to the saved time, I can fully concentrate on work, competitions or exhibitions.


Why do I use MANA?

"Every secound counts, with Mana you take advantage of every one."