Jakub Musil

Gym owner


My name is Jakub Musil and ever since I was a child I have liked sports.

Even before I could walk properly, I started playing handball. At age 14, I switched to American football. After a series of injuries, I changed roles from an active player to trainer. I trained the senior and junior team of the Prague Lions, and eventually I became one of the trainers of the junior national team.

Later, I was admitted to the 1. Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, where I started studying dental medicine, forcing me to put other activities aside. At that time, there was no MANA, so I spent x hours every day cooking and eating. But I was still doing sports, and my friend and I had a dream – to open our own gym. Last year, this dream came true.

So now, besides my studies at university, I am working as joint owner and trainer at AlphaGym in Prague. At the same time, I am one of the fitness trainers for the teams Elite Prague and Prague Lions, both of whom play at the top competitions in the Czech Republic.

Right now, I am preparing myself for final exams at university and my new role as a dentist, in which MANA will also make my life easier.


Why do I use MANA?

“For me, MANA is like a perpetuum mobile, it allows me to do the things I like, and have the time to fulfill my duties as a student, gym trainer and joint owner at the same time. If I hadn’t ordered MANA’s starter pack several months ago, I wouldn’t be studying or doing sports right now (most probably, the latter).”