Lukáš Poláček



My name is Lukáš Poláček, and I’m a tattoo artist. I’m also the owner of the largest tattoo studio in the Czech Republic – Inkoust Tattoo, where you can find another 10 ink maniacs.

As a craft or art, I’ve been making tattoos for over 10 years after starting with graphic design. Nevertheless, the tattoo is more interesting.

Originally, the salon had only room for three tattoo artists, but its present form was a logical process Originally the salon had only room for three tattoo artistits but it changed rapidly.. It’s not just the largest studio, but a studio that is not afraid to touch even subjects that  doesn’t seemingly dodn’t corresponds to tattoo culture. For example, at the charity event Fairy Orange, which helps those who are themselves helpless, the human body is excellently represented by citrus fruits. I’m speaking mainly about children to whom I have a particularly weak spot due to my own.The goal is not simply aesthetic, and far deeper than a few millimeters under the skin. Moreover, it sometimes costs a lot of time and effort. Thanks to MANA though, I can buy an hour every day.

Why do I use MANA?

" Thanks to Mana, I can buy an hour back every day"