Martin Chmatal

Bass Guitarist and Sound Master


My name is Martin Chmatal. I am a bassist and live sound recordist for Mandrage, Prague Conspiracy, Boris Carloff, and occasionally The Black Lips.

I have been a vegetarian since I was fifteen. After my fortieth birthday, I started running. I’m constantly trying to balance my professional life (I spend plenty time on the go) with my sports life.

I’ve run in several events: Prague International Marathon, Athens Classic Marathon, and the Rock and Roll Lison Marathon.

MANA helps me a lot in my busy life. I always have a few packages with me so I can be sure I’m eating healthy food instead of junk food.

Why do I use MANA?

"Mana is my travel companion and I travel more than I am at home. Until recently, nourishment on my journey was like a vicious circle: hotel - gas station - catering - gas station - hotel..... but with Mana everything has changed."