Ondřej Samek



My name is Ondřej Samek, but everyone calls me “Samík”. My discipline is karate-kata. Originally, I am from Česká Lípa in the Czech Republic, where my first club was located, but I now live with my family in Prague.

In sports and in my personal life, I follow the motto of Tesshu Yamaoka: “If one’s heart and attention are not projected into one’s hands, even ten thousand of techniques will be useless.”

In my free time, I devote myself to my family and do outdoor sports.

I am not a beginner in my discipline. I have been doing karate since 1994. After about six years, I made it to the national junior squad, and later to the senior squad, where I won several championship titles.

What does MANA mean to me?

"I like the simplicity of MANA, from preparation to consumption. I use MANA, because after finishing it, I can immediately start training."

Why do I use MANA?

"I like the simplicity of Mana, from preparation to consumption. I use Mana, because after finnishing it, I can immediately start training. "