Vojtěch Štursa

Ski Jumper


My name is Vojtěch Štursa. I am 21 years old and I am a Ski Jumper. The first time I ever jumped was at the age of six.

Throughout my career, I have trained with the Czech National Team. Now, I regularly attend the World Cup, where I’ve been jumping since the age of fifteen.

My dream is to be the best Ski Jumper in Czech history. MANA makes the way to reaching my dream much easier.

I want to attend the World Cup in Lahti (Finland) in the winter. My goal there is to overcome a Czech record of 236 meters

"I am preparing myself for the winter season. I would like to take part in the World Championship in Lahti, Finland. Maybe, I will be able to break a Czech record on the mammoth jump, which is 236 m."

Why do I use MANA?

" I am preparing myself for the winter season. I would like to take part in the World Championship in Lahti, Finland. Maybe, I will be able to break a Czech record on the mammoth jump, which is 236 m."