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Top 10: The most often questions on the customer support

1. Is a Starter Kit the part of the parcel (bottle and measuring cup)?

You can order a bottle with a measuring cup, or just a measuring cup itself. Here is a process of a purchase: First of all, on our homepage choose your favourite variant of Mana. Under a button ''buy'' it's possible to add a ,,StarterKit'' to your basket (StarterKit contains an original Mana bottle and the stainless steel Mana measuring cup). Then you will be redirected on the page, where you can confirm an ''adding to the basket'' or eventually you can choose a StarterKit itself or a measuring cup itself. What follow is a fulfilment of your personal informations. This step leads to your account foundation. If you order Mana again, you will log in and your personal informations will be automatically filled in - a button ,,Are you already registered?''.

After adding Mana to your basket, choose an available button ,,Continue in shopping'', where you will vote a Mana bottle or a measuring cup, you will also confirm adding to the basket.

The last step is to choose an option of the payment.

2. How much is Mana? / What is the price of Mana ? (!)

Mana Drink is possible to order from 31 € -12 meals and Mana Powder is available from 55 € - 35 meals. All informations about Mana and its price offer you can find on our website

3. How to start with Mana

Mana Powder and Mana Drink can be consumed on a daily basis. It is up to you whether you decide to consume Mana for breakfast, dinner or cover 100% of your daily diet with Mana.

In case, you decide to replace all daily meals with Mana, we recommend you not replace all meals at once, but do it gradually. It usually takes about one week before your body gets used to Mana.

4. What is the difference between Mana Drink and Mana Powder?

New Mana Drink is a final product that you just shake, open and drink. You do not need to get the right dosage or mix anymore. Another difference is in the taste and, to a certain degree, the nutritional composition. We describe the taste of Mana Drink as delicious, creamy and fresh.

The nutritional composition of Mana Drink is essentially identical to Mana Powder, there are only few differences:

Mana Drink contains no arabic, no xanthan gum (there is a cellulose-based thickener instead) and contains different (but still high) amount of fiber.

Our philosophy remains the same: to create delicious, nutritionally balanced and affordable food. Both Mana Powder and Mana Drink have a date of expiration one year after the date of production.

Enjoy Mana as part of your varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Mana is suitable for all healthy adults.

5. How does Mana taste?

The taste of Mana Powder is neutral. It can be compared to a subtly sweet oatmeal porridge. The taste neutrality of Mana allows you, as final consumer, to flavor it according to your preferences. You can use fruit, coffee, cinnamon or your favorite vegetables and spices.

Mana Drink has a delicious, creamy and refreshing taste. Unlike Mana Powder, it is smoother and the oat flavor is less intense. In the near future, we are planning to introduce several taste variations of Mana Drink.

6. I am interested in trying of Mana sample, can I it order?

The smallest received package is 35 meals of powdered Mana and 12 meals of Mana Drink. We do not offer a shipping of individual samples, because of logistic reasons. You can find us and taste Mana for free on the public events. The schedule of these events is available on our Facebook page.

7. Can I lose a weight with Mana?

Losing weight with Mana is possible when the portion size and amount is adjusted properly. To lose weight, it is necessary to follow a basic rule: your caloric intake should be lower than your caloric expenditure. One of the biggest benefits of Mana Powder and Mana Drink is its easy dosage and detailed nutrition info. With every meal, you have a perfect overview of how many calories and nutrients you have consumed. You can easily adjust your daily meal size to your specific dietary needs.

We receive a lot of questions regarding an optimal daily caloric intake for losing weight. In fact, these values are very individual and dependent on many factors like sex, age, weight and physical activity (which is very important for weight loss). If you are wondering what your optimal energy intake is for losing weight, online caloric calculators or apps can provide you with this information.In case you decide to lose weight with Mana, just remember, Mana is a well-balanced food, not a dietary supplement.

8. Can I drink Mana, when I am pregnant?

Mana Powder and Mana Drink are suitable for all adults (above 18 years with no further age limitation). The composition of Mana was designed in accordance with the recommended daily intake values for an average adult person, which are published by the WHO and EFSA. Pregnant or lactating women have different nutritional needs (for example, the recommended daily intake of some vitamins or minerals may be higher), for this reason we strictly recommend consulting your physician about the suitability of Mana.

You can find the Nutritional info here: Nutrition Info Drink | Nutrition Info Powder

9. When my order will be delivered

Unless otherwise specified on our website, orders will be shipped one working day after ordering (except holidays and weekends). It is sometimes the case that delivery company has a small delay during the special occasions (f.e. christmas time). During a delivery day you will receive an email with more informations about your Mana parcel.

For abroad transportations take care UPS and GLS companies , depending on the ordering country.

10. Do you ship Mana abroad?

You can order and ship Mana abroad just on our german or english (X) online eshop. We ship to all countries of the EU (except Balearic Islands), also to Norway and Switzerland.