Do not destroy your body with hunger dieting, rely on a balanced diet

Many people indulge in everything they enjoy, to an unlimited extent. And they only begin to think of what they eat when they do not fit into their pants anymore. They often try to solve it by dieting in an inappropriate or even harmful way. Various detoxification fasts are popular especially in the spring, after the winter season full of heavy foods. They tell us that our body will get rid of all the poisonous substances and start a quicker weight loss. However, nutrition experts caution us to speed weight loss and advise to focus on a long-term balanced diet. Mana drink is one of the ways to may help changing eating habits. This is a delicious and nutritionally balanced food suitable for anyone that is curious with what they „fuel“ their body with and do not want to waste precious time with preparation or consumption.

Detoxification diets promise to have the metabolism to get rid of all the bad stuff, streamline its function, ensure faster fat burning, and give the body energy. However, a large drop in kilos in a short time at a drastically reduced caloric intake mostly results in a so-called jo-jo effect. This is why most recognized nutritionists warn to use caution with these spring detoxies. On many web sites and blogs, it is possible to read about short-term (or long-term) fasting, which involves only drinking clean water, tea or vegetable drinks. One- to thirty-day hunger doesn’t hurt the body, but has no possitive long-term effects and improper transfer of diet on fasting and back can cause many health problems.

Detox – a marketing move?

Detoxification effects are not only promised by different juices and teas, but also by many relaxation salons throughout the country. For a lot of money, you can massage in honey into your body or indulge in a wrap of seaweed extracts. The results of these procedures should be the release of toxins. In order to detoxify our body, we must first accept the toxins from the air and food. It is true that in our insides, some toxins actually accumulate, but the body can take care off it by itself through the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, etc. Detoxification would be necessary only in the event that our bodies contain things like organic phosphates or mercury . Therefore, if you are not a miner or you are not working in a hygienically unacceptable environment, you can get rid of all the harmful substances by yourself without advertised detoxification procedures.

Welcome spring in a healthy way

Although we are not flooded with toxins, the lifestyle of most of us is too fast and not very healthy. We are tired and persecuted by various civilization diseases. So how do you get to the proper body cleansing to bring real and sound results that can have a longer term effect, and in addition will also help with weight reduction? Our body is best served when we eat regularly, incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of clean water, restricting salt, free sugars and animal fats, avoid alcohol, include sport activities, and indulge yourself plenty of sleep and mental rest .

Get rid of everything bad

If there are strong habits and cravings for fried, fat and sweet food or fast food, you need to get rid of these scarecrows. The best way to avoid them is not to have direct access to them – so do not have them at home. If you do not have an enemy that you want to hurt, it is not recommended to donate such food to your friends. Preferably throw them straight into the trash.

Talk to an expert what to eat

If you want to give your body the best, the best is  to contact an expert who can advise on the ideal design of the diet for a particular organism. Do not rely solely on what you find on the Internet. Everybody needs something different.

Have a healthy meal always at hand

Now when you have planned out meals and there are no unhealthy foods in your apartment, you can start the long-term balanced diet. Sometimes, even when you schedule perfectly every meal, you may suddenly get hungry or will miss time to prepare a balanced meal. Do not be tempted by junk food, fast food or baguette at a gas station, reach for precisely balanced serving. A great choice is a Mana drink that contains the necessary amount of nutrients and is not burdened with unhealthy or unnecessary substances. In addition, its consumption is very fast – just shake, open and enjoy. 330 ml of drink gives your body roughly 20% of the daily energy requirement (which is 400 kcal).

Drink a lot

An absolute inherent part of a healthy and proper diet program is drinking water. The need for water for the organism is generally known. Less well-known is the fact that the water is better room tempreture than chilled one. Room temperature water moisturizes the body better, absorbs it more easily and eliminates harmful substances. In addition to water, it is possible to drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, green tea (but be careful here on the dehydration of body!) And green drinks from young barley and chlorella.


Food and diet are not the only parts of the basic building block for the proper start of metabolism. Other aspect is also to move regulary. Plug walks into your program in addition to exercises. Go out into the woods or elsewhere in nature and breathe in better air than what it offers than the city full of traffic and smog. Both, your body and soul will feel the benefit!