Mana Ambassador | Let's say hi to Michael!

Michal is a young and ambitious train operator who wanted to share his experiences working for České dráhy, the Czech Republic’s main railway operator, with the rest of the world. He started out posting on social media, especially Twitter, and attracted thousands of followers wanting to know more about life on the tracks. He later moved to Regiojet, a private railway operator, to further his career.

He describes his professional development as “complicated, but at the same time, absolutely natural. I used to work abroad as an analyst, but eventually made my way back to the Czech Republic to follow my dream of working in rail transport. After I started posting, the media caught on, and I ended up getting interviewed by DVDT, and then by Český rozhlas (Czech public radio). All of a sudden, I was the most famous train operator in the country.”

Michal has seen a lot, and loves to serve others with his knowledge and experience. But, as you can imagine, this takes time. Enter Mana: “I am so glad to have Mana on my side. It really makes the journey easier.''