MANA [MARK 3] just arrived.


Our Nutrition Manifesto.

Our team is on continuous track of searching for better and more efficient sources of nutrients. To accomplish the new formula [MARK 3], we have newly tested 75 ingredients from various vendors to reach complete nutrition profile and find exactly what we were looking for to match the puzzle. Our team consists of organic chemist driven by passion for deep level of laboratory testing. It is our edge-difference-approach in designing the most advanced food on the planet Earth.

For various reasons, we believe that genetically modified organisms has not reach a sufficient technology or theoretical and practical understanding level. Therefore we think that the empirical understanding of natural resources through the prism of chemistry is the way to go. That is why we say that MANA is food designed in the laboratory.

New Delicious Taste & Outstanding Texture.

Thanks to your feedback, we were working day and night to improve the old version and move it to a totally new level. Taste of the brand new version is less sweet, more salty and milder. Creamy texture was achieved by reducing the size of the biggest particles to 60 mesh (0.25 mm), the previous version contained bigger particles of dietary fiber and wholegrain oats. Overall, we have slightly changed the nutrition ratio by reducing the amount of the carbohydrates from 243g to 173g and vice versa reached the complexity. Besides that, we have increased the amount of healthy fat from 70g to 100g, with amount of 101g of protein per day. The difference in the nutrition ratio is outstanding and better than ever before.

New Carbohydrates.

[MARK 3] includes a diverse mix of carbohydrates to meet balanced complexity. Oat flour in previous version had been replaced by oat fiber, which is perfectly balanced source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. New MANA now contains 11g of soluble (beta–glucans) and 10g of insoluble dietary fiber per day. We have also included the isomaltulose as a disaccharide, which is made from beet sugar, therefore MANA now provides more slowly and gradual release of carbohydrates with a significantly lower glycemic index. In addition, it is the first non-cariogenic carbohydrate that is kind to your teeth.

New Lipids. (Oil Blend)

Changes regarding the oil ingredients helped us to soften the texture. We have significantly increased quantity of the Algae oil to 2.75g per day to get 100% of daily need of DHA (910 mg) and EPA (500 mg), which are the most valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, we involved virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, which brings natural pleasant aroma and healthy saturated fat containing medium-chain fatty acids. Not only these are rare in the vegetable oils, but also important to make the oils complex in nutrition.

New Measuring Scoop

No more pouring powder around the bottle. We have also worked hard to improve the measuring scoop. Finally we found simple solution to a problem with dosing. We moved handrail of scoop more into middle of the cup so powder goes more easily into the bottle. Problem solved.