Smoother MANA [MARK II v.2]

MANA team is constantly improving the texture and taste without compromising on nutritional values, which is our priority number one. We are introducing improved and also the most advanced version we have made so far. Shipping from today on

Improved smoother texture

Previous versions contained larger particles of whole grain oats that some of our users and community members pointed out as a problem to be solved.

We have managed to make the particles smaller by cold milling technology, we waited for custom-made machine that will be able to efficiently cooling the grinding chamber with cold water. Why cooling the process? Because if temperature of milling exceed certain temperature point, then lipids and (proteins) turning bitter. There is no change in nutritional values only in texture which leads to better user experience.

Update on shipping during Christmas time

At the moment are all orders shipped within 48 hours. Christmas time is coming and our supplies are starting moving quickly. If you are thinking about MANA as a gift for you close ones we recommend to order before 17th of December.

We are very happy that changes lead to better experience of consuming MANA.

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