SuperMANA. Manufacturing update #2.

Manufacturing of SuperMANA got delayed, that is why we are postponing the release to third quarter of 2016.Proč zpoždění ?

Why delay ?

We fetched the first delay at the moment of negotiations on the design of the bottle. The result was that the price would be astronomical regarding to production costs (a special new production line would cost approx. 3,5 million  EUR). Therefore we need to use the best current production bottle design to suit our requirements (Shelf life-1year without necessity of cooling). That is highest priority.

We started to search through Europe intensively, and at this moment we contacted two processors with which we already implemented testing of the final product on their production lines. Time is the most important thing for the verifying the correctness of this phase. Due to extreme requirements that we have and which must be implemented, we have to wait for lab results over the past few months after the testing. This is the delay number two.


Custom bottle design is something that we consider essential, but it does not make a sense to postpone such a great product just because it is not possible to produce the packaging according to our ideas at the moment. We can do that later – just as the first MANA were made to Ikea bags, the drink can also (and will) go through its own evolution. The final design will be known at the beginning of April 2016.

When will be drink ready?

At the moment we have optimistic estimation for release in third quarter of 2016. Moreover we must wait for some spare production capacity. However, due to the fact that we are embarking on the market with a very unique product, we are going through the so-called “pioneering” – the occasional exploring new areas that are not unique only for us. With a great effort, we are trying to make the drink ready as soon as possible. Although the release date seems to be too far, for us it is almost „around the corner“, time is passing really fast and we are doing our best.

We are ready to communicate with you, and in the case that you do not want to wait for a drink, we will be glad to convert your pre-order into improved version of the powdered MANA [MARK 2 v2], so you will be able to make your own drink.

Thank you for your support. Jacob