Update Mana v 1.0, Gluten

Dear fans and customers, we are repairing claim that MANA is gluten-free,  MANA is containing gluten in quantities of 254 mg / kg of powder, ie 114 mg per pouch. We based our statement on Decree no. 157/2008 of foods for particular nutritional uses (gluten was assessed per kg of food intended to be eaten, that has been mixed with water, thus its concentration greatly decreased).This decree, however, was amended by Commission Regulation EC no. 41/2009 and here is gluten evaluated per kilogram of food stuff in the state in which it is sold to the final consumer. MANA is therefore not gluten-free. Please accept our apologies and if you mentioned gluten in MANA is a problem, it is of course possible to cancel your order.

Please accept our apologiesMgr. Marek Humpl, technologist.