Upgrade to a new level.

We would like to announce our product update. During January and February we have been going through building up a manufacturing team and moving into a new lab. Now we have a team of 6 people in manufacturing process, which is now in in semi-automatic phase. We are negotiating about possibilities of automatic manufacturing of our production line. That is our goal for this coming time. In a past months we needed to stabilize the manufacturing flow due to increasing orders not just from Czech republic but from entire Europe.

During February we planned that we going to meet 4-5 weeks in delivery times but we had a couple of interviews in national tv and after that we was at the same delivery time 6-7 weeks even when we manufacturing over the weekends. In mid March we plan to be able to delivery within 4 weeks max. We are integrating enterprise resource planning system to manage and synchronize all the manufacturing and delivery times of our suppliers. It is a pain to set all required but we are on a right track. Further more, we are finishing our lab test for all new ingredients we want to use in our product upgrade, hopefully they will be done this month.

MANA box

Finally we manufactured a box. Somehow, it was a hardest peace to produce due to manufacturing complications with color type. Box is exactly in a same color as pouches. We hope you like it 🙂

MANA measuring scoop.

67,5 ml/127,5 kcal. We manufactured new measuring scoop, it is exactly half in measurements to previous version. Now 1 serving (meal) = 4 scoops. Whole day = 12 scoops. Hope you like it 🙂


We moved into a new space :)! 6 months ago we were in a garage and today we are on 250 square meter. We doubled our space compare to our previous one. Everybody have its own place, and finally we have a space to stock our products and ingredients.

MANA pouches.

We updated them as well. As you see on the picture we are manufacturing a third generation. Actually its fourth because official first pouch was a bag from Ikea 🙂 Previous version had a 1mm white line on the side, and we wanted to be perfect on new ones, so we managed to have them without it. We also updated a color, they are less transparent and richer on grey color.


MANA was already shipped to most European countries. Orders and demand is raising dramatically over 200% up each month. We want let you know that it is our highest priority to serve our best to European market. It is a beautiful journey and we are happy that you are with us!

Thank you