Jakub Stejskal

Backend Developer

Jakub is our Backend Developer.

He is responsible for maintaining and improving our e-shop, and cooperating with our front end to ensure top user experience. He is also in charge of refining our Mana Recept system for our development department.

Before joining Mana, he worked for several years as a freelancer, as well as for a company that makes smart screens for restaurants. He also used to test servers for the largest server manufacturer in Central Europe.

Though he only has a diploma from the High School of Information Science, Electrical Engineering and Crafts in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, he is about as natural as natural talent comes :) He has just enrolled in an online IT management program, with the aim of one day becoming our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

"After work, I like to decompress with a film or study new technologies. In general, I like to tinker with things. For example, I designed a complete attendance system for our company, from the printed circuit boards, to the back end, to reports for management."

"For me, Mana is an adventure, a challenge, an opportunity to do something for the world."