Diana Gallasova

Field Specialist

Diana is our Field Specialist.

She is responsible for promotional and sampling events, our ambassador program, sponsoring and everything else related to offline marketing.

She has worked in festival and film production in both the Czech Republic and abroad. For example, she helped organize Academia Film Olomouc, a Czech film festival devoted to scientific and educational films and documentaries, as well as CinEast, a film festival held in Luxembourg.

She likes to spend her spare time creatively and with friends, whether travelling, playing sport or otherwise.

"For me, Mana is not just a meal that's ready in minutes, but a dream job in a superb company. I'm proud of my work, and I believe in our team. The people here are real, and the atmosphere is terrific. Moreover, it's an opportunity for me to help build a better future for our planet. The product itself makes my life easier too. It's a quick breakfast, a meal on the go and whatever else I need it to be."