Tomas Krajniak

Sales Manager

Tomáš is our Sales Manager.

He is in charge of all our B2B channels.

He studied pedagogy at university, but he never taught. Most of his work experience has been in sales departments of companies like Ringier, Economia, Lagardere and Allegro. But he also used to run a direct mailing agency.

In his free time, you can usually find him with his wife and two children, often in their garden. He has always been a sports fanatic too. He started with track and field, and then took up karate, boxing, Thai boxing, squash and tennis. Recently he has been into cycling, Frederick Forsyth, kimchi, Rieslings, ristrettos and Forex.

"Mana is a phenomenal product that makes a lot of sense, so selling it is a real pleasure. Being a part of such a successful start-up is exciting, and the people running it are awesome. I'm the kind of guy that needs to work in a dynamic environment, so I feel right at home here."