Ekaterina Baeva

Premix Specialist

Ekaterina is one of our chemists. She is responsible for quality control of raw materials and end products, supervision and assignment of work to a junior specialist, and processing production documentation for our vitamin mix, so that every Mana user can a have a balanced daily vitamin intake.

She graduated from Moscow State University in biosynthesis, and is currently finishing her post-graduate in food technology at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. This is her first official job. In her spare time she likes to exercise, take photos, and meet with friends.

She also loves animals, and spends a ton of time with her dog (a little German spitz). Her favourite pastime, however, is singing, recording and mastering her own songs.

"I found out about Mana from a Facebook advert. And since I've always been interested in balanced nutrition, I decided to make an order. To my surprise, the product looked sleek and tasted great. Soon after, my studies were reduced to part-time and I needed to find a job. When I checked the Mana website, I was pleased to learn that they were looking for R&D people. So, I sent in my CV, got an interview, and here I am. For me, Mana is an excellent food substitute that's both quick and healthy. The team and the product are awesome."