Dita Pištěková

Brand Manager

Dita is our Brand Manager and a key member of our marketing team. She has the very important role of bringing Mana to the people, getting it into their subconsciousness, overseeing every step of the branding process so that Mana keeps its numbers up, while making the world a better place.

Before joining the Mana team, she worked for MALL GROUP, where she gained experience as a category manager for lifestyle segmentation. She is happy to share with us what she learned cooperating with brands like MALL, MAC Cosmetics and Wella Professionals.

When she is not working for Mana, you can find her doing yoga, clearing her mind with a jog in the forest or enjoying various forms of art (both actively and passively).

"Mana for me is energy, a new way to break free from stereotypical thinking and behavioral patterns."