Eliška Zapletalová

Marketing Trainee

Eliška is a trainee for our marketing department. She is primarily responsible for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement via digital content creation and online communications. 

Before becoming part of Mana, Eliška worked in Australia for a year as a barista at the Holiday Inn, and helped craft content for their social channels. Then she lived for 2 years in England, where she studied business and management while working part-time at the university coffee shop, also as a barista and content creator for social media channels. 

Eliška is passionate about sports, family, creativity, travel, and holistic living in general. It is no surprise then that she loves languages, nature, dumbbells, peanut butter, and playing piano. 

"I was drinking Mana long before I took this position, so you could say that this is a brand I truly believe in. As I like to say, 'Better Mana than a candy bar.' Though I've only been a part of the Mana team for a short while, I already feel like it was a really good move for me. The space we work in is awesome; the people are nice, and they love what they do. It's really a dream job. The more I study nutrition, the more I see Mana as a dietary gem."