Filip Kubik

Fronted Designer

Filip is our Fronted Designer.

He is responsible for creating our website, one pixel at a time. This entails designing the mechanisms of interaction, working together with Jan on animation and optimizing user journeys. His main aim is to make our website as ergonomic and user-friendly as possible.

Filip got his master's degree from the Graphic Design Studio 1 in Ústí nad Labem. He then took apprenticeships as a front-end designer with creative agencies in London and the Netherlands, where he learned how to program. After coming back to the Czech Republic, he found a home at Mana.

He is fascinated with the connection between art and technology, and his long-term goal is to explore the role of human standards in digital products and interaction design. In his spare time, he likes to listen to electronic music and write programs in JavaScript - something he likes to call, "cyber-shamanism."

"For me, Mana is the perfect opportunity to change the world, and promote an ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle. In the 21st century, eating well doesn't have to involve violence and suffering."