Jakub Kratina


Jacob is our optimizer. He find problems, solves them and does everything else he can to make sure we work smarter, not harder. He oversees all IT processes, including for development, business intelligence, infrastructure, security and technical support. He also helps other departments and teams adjust their internal processes and tools for maximum output.

Jakub has been in IT for 10 years. During his studies at the Czech Technical University of Prague, he started a development company, which he sold 4 years later as its CEO. That was a great school. After graduation he worked as a developer, lead developer and head of development, before taking his first position as CTO at DataBreakers. It was here that he combined his technical knowledge with his managerial skills to bring real results to his team. He then moved on to Ušetřeno.cz, a company of 180 people, where the GDPR, and implementation of other corporate and IT processes put him through baptism by fire. Also during those 10 years, he launched and unsuccessfully ended 2 startups, which taught him a lot. Now, he is using his experience to make the best IT department Mana has ever had.

He likes sports, walking, hiking, traveling, computer games, movies and series, and most importantly, spending time with his wife.

"I've worked for a lot of companies, but none like Mana. The people and the product never fail to surprise me. Many of them are vegetarians or vegans, and have a natural passion for this kind of lifestyle. So, by working together, they make Mana more than just a company. They make it a vision. Indeed, Mana products taste great, and can really make our lives simpler. Who else can say that?"