Jakub Schier

Data Scientist

Part of Jakub's work at Mana is to acquire and process data, including visually (BI dashboards, supply chains, HR, etc.), and test new data mining techniques using basic and advanced machine learning algorithms. He also helps automate repetitive tasks and increase the work efficiency of his colleagues.

Originally a molecular biologist, he got interested in data and decided to switch professions. Before joining Mana, he worked as an analyst at the Military University Hospital Prague, where he was responsible for equipping new laboratories, implementing new diagnostic methods, training staff, evaluating performance and providing technical support. Over time, his duties expanded to include analysis of data, consumption of antibiotics and trends of increased resistance, the course and incidence of seasonal diseases, and even the experimental use of AI.

He loves sandstone climbing and hiking in the mountains, but also likes to run, cycle and do other cardio and bodyweight exercises. Winter is his element. Even though it is not possible to climb then, he can go cross-country skiing, traditional skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, and more...He can always rest later.

For me, Mana is a culmination of modern knowledge on nutrition. It's a complete meal, minus the shopping and cooking.