Jan Tabery

DTP Specialist

Jan is a member of our Digital Team, and is in charge of our DTP studio. He is responsible for structuring information from both internal and external documentation, handling print data, finalising projects, and graphic design and retouching.

For 8 years he worked for skateboard distribution company MWS distribution s.r.o., where he dealt with import, storage, logistics and photography. During his employment there, he also got into design for Peace Skateboards, a daughter company of MWS. After that, he took up graphic design full time and held positions at several different design studios, as well as a print shop, before finding a home at Česká Muzika, a music publishing house. During his 12 years there, he managed the film archive of Česká televize, as well as all print materials for Česká Muzika, which later became Šlágr TV. He thus partially fulfilled his dreams of doing graphic design for the music industry.

In his free time he likes to do anything creative, including taking pictures. He also likes exhibitions, DIY projects, and turning old things into new things (reuse, reduce, recycle). These hobbies allow him to use all his senses, unlike work in front of the computer. He's a nature guy, too, so he likes to get out of the city whenever he can. In winter he likes to snowboard, and even teaches snowboarding when he has time; and in summer he likes to stakeboard, spend time near water and go hiking. Generally speaking, he is drawn to any kind of extreme, individual or board-based sport. He is interested in personal development, pushing his own boundaries, and healthy diet and lifestyle.

"For me, Mana is a new experience, an opportunity to move forward and work with people who are some of the best in their field."