Jan Zavadil

3D Motion Specialist

Jan is our 3D Motion Specialist.

His main job is to bring our mascot, Cosmo Ape, to life. This includes animation, as well as other technical aspects of production such as building the rig to enable his movement. He is responsible for the entire 3D process - from fixing bugs to optimizing technology.

He began his journey into the 3D world in the Netherlands, where he studied visual arts with a focus on animation. As part of the program, he worked as an intern animator on Goat Story 2 (Kozí příběh se sýrem). After graduation, he worked at the Eallin animation studio as a 3D animator and generalist, where he helped produce 2 episodes of the Czech series, "The Smallest Elephant in the World," as well as other global series and advertisements.

When he is not busy at work, he is busy being a proud husband and father. You can find him working on his farm with his wife and kids, riding his motorcycle or - of course - doing animation.

"Mana for me is an essential part of the day, especially at breakfast or in the afternoon as a snack. It gives me energy, keeps me full and tastes great. It's super convenient too!"