Katerina Koselova

Social Media Manager

Katerina is in charge of all social media and cooperation with influencers. She is responsible for aquiring customers through social channels as effectively and creatively as possible. Yet equally important for her is retention rate.

In 2015, Katerina began living and studying in Denmark, where she launched her career at a local tourism company. She subsequently moved to Munich, Germany, where she did social media for FlixBus.

Despite her constant urge to complete whatever task is at hand, she does what she can to maintain a work-life balance. Whether on the beach or in the mountains, she loves relaxing in the sun with her closest friends and family. She also likes to spend her time reading, doing sport and playing with her (or other people's) cats.

"For me, Mana means change. Our ever-evolving world yearns for innovation and refinement of current processes and attitudes. I believe Mana is that innovation and refinement."