Libena Houskova

Logistics Manager

Liběna is our Logistics Manager.

She ensures that all raw materials reach us on time, and that all finished products reach our customers on time.

She studied finance and accounting, but has never worked in these fields. Instead, she has always worked in different areas of production for manufacturing companies. Before joining Mana, she worked for Dräger, where she handled production of helmets for firefighters and rescue workers from all over the world.

"In addition to reading books, studying philosophy, painting, playing the clarinet, swimming, and growing flowers and vegetables, my greatest passion is motorcycles - especially Italian (Moto Guzzi) and English (Norton) motorcycles. I love riding for the feeling of absolute freedom it gives me. And I love racing for its energy. The gadgets on old motorcycles never cease to amaze me either. One day, I hope to open a Moto Guzzi-themed cafe, and go see/compete in the Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man."

"Mana for me means great people, a fantastic product, a philosophy of life and proof of divine providence. :)"