Marketa Pavelkova

Chief HR Officer

Marketa oversees the development and growth our employees. If they grow, so does Mana. As our Chief Human Resources Officer, she is in charge of employee comfort and satisfaction, assessment, incentive and reward schemes, recruitment and training of new employees, and education. She also helps ensure that strategic information and decisions of Mana's leadership are communicated to the team, and that the ideas and input of team members reach the appropriate decision-makers.

Marketa has held HR positions in retail, FMCG, advertising and ICT companies, including Red Bull and Pilsner Urquell. Throughout her extensive career, she has been responsible for projects not only in the Czech Republic, but in other European countries, Russia, India and China.

Mountains: Marketa loves them. She is an avid fan of hiking, climbing (mostly on via ferratas), and skimo and snowboarding in winter (which she also likes to watch). She has traveled much of the world, and is currently enjoying the fact that her kids are now old enough to enjoy more adventurous expeditions with her.

" For me, Mana is a functional food that fits in perfectly with an active lifestyle. I can drink it during sport, at work, while running errands, or when I just don't feel like breaking my back in the kitchen. I want to eat well and quickly, and I don't want to get hungry again an hour later. Yet equally important for me is Mana's environmental potential - it could make a big difference in years to come. As of 2019, Mana is also a terrific team of passionate and creative people."