Martin Štolba

Premix Specialist

Martin is one of our production chemists. He is directly responsible for the oil, which is one of Mana's two fundamental components. He controls the quality and proportion of all raw ingredients, and helps process their documentation. He is also responsible for the flavour of the final product. This means he tastes a ton of Mana :)

Martin has been studying chemistry since high school. He also studied natural sciences at Charles University, before moving on to work as a warehouser, and later as a head dispatcher.

In his free time he likes to read books, play board games, and practice other forms of personal development, like running, cycling and strength training.

Mana is the future. In time, I think it will be feeding most of the world's population. The first version I tried was Mark 2, but I didn't start using it regularly until Mark 3 was released. I've seen Mana come a long way since then. For me, it's not just a job, but a group of friends working together to make food better.