Martin Tetik


Martin is responsible for Mana's entire finaicial agenda, from calculating the profitability of individual sales channels, to drawing up cash flow plans, to monitoring operational costs. He also helps align in-house processes, in particular production planning and the associated logistics flows.

Before setting sail with Mana, Martin worked for (the largest e-commerce store in the Czech Republic) as a manager of organizational strategy and financial services. And before joining, he earned his chops working for multinational companies such as CEMEX and Pierre-Fabre.

For Martin, family comes first. His kids are still small, so he doesn't climb Everest on the weekends, but he loves spending afternoons with them in his garden. Aside from his family duties, he likes to practice archery, and he almost always vacations in the mountains, no matter the season.

"MANA for me is a startup opportunity to develop a new category of food and everything that goes with it - not just on local markets, but globally."