Tomas Pilat

3D Tech Specialist

Tom and our animator Jan work together as the "3D team," which looks after our mascot, Cosmo Ape. They make sure his lips match his speech, and that he's always holding the latest version of Mana Drink. They keep the flies out of his fur, too. Tom also responsible for product visualization, as well as certain aspects of the Mana website. Before getting into 3D, he worked as a desktop publisher and retoucher.

In the past, he worked for an ad agency called Havas Prague, where he did 3D visualisations for many interesting products. He cooperated closely with many of the creatives and other people from the entire production pipeline. It was a superb experience.

Tom is a bit of a weirdo. He likes to soak himself in cold water, and has a sick addiction to swimming (his dream is to swim across the English Channel). Otherwise, he's a normal, loving father of two with a penchant for sci-fi literature and good wine.

"I like the fact that Mana is vegan, yet complete. I find it especially useful when at work or doing sport, and the packaging is environmentally friendly. Working here means a lot, because it makes the world a better place for everyone."