Valeria Tolia

Administration Specialist

Valerie's main task at Mana is to support the R&D team. They are what makes Mana so great, so she does whatever she can to support them. She communicates with foreign partners, does minor administration and takes care of all the other ad hoc stuff.

Before joining Mana, she worked as a sales assistant at a gaming company, which primarily developed indie games and did publishing for small gaming studios. The company's later games were even classified as AAA, for example Gears of War, or their most famous Tomb Raider.

Her biggest hobbies are video games, Marvel Comics (mainly Guardians of the Galaxy) and books. She usually sees the movie first, then buys the book or game.

What I like most about Mana is that it's a guilt-free food, because it's vegan. And it tastes and works great. It's not just a promise, but a guarantee. I can make it and eat it in a second, which is a lifesaver for a gamer like me, who sometimes forgets that there are only 24 hours in a day.

I am really honoured to work for the R&D team of the company that's made this miracle food. And the cherry on the cake is that the office environment is super "Marvel-friendly" :)