Veronika Holomkova

Research Specialist

Veronika is one of our Research Specialist.

She helps field inquiries from our customers, and is responsible for the FAQ section of our website.

Just before joining Mana, she graduated from the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. While studying, she worked as a swimming instructor at a private company called Sport Academy. After that, she interned with the State Institute for Drug Control.

She usually spends her leisure time with her boyfriend, family and friends. Her hobbies include sports, travelling and brushing up on her education. And she really likes surprises (e.g. when her friends cook up something yummy). She is also a big fan of social media (mainly Instagram) - not just as a tool for communicating with friends, but also as a tool for marketing.

"I've always been interested in nutrition and how it affects our health, especially since I studied chemistry. Eating healthy is very important to me, which is why I make Mana part of my daily diet. I like working with a product that is interesting, tastes good and connects me with people that I may have never met otherwise. THANK YOU MANA!"