Vojtech Setnicka

Logistics Specialist

Vojtěch is our Sales and Logistics Specialist. His main task is to ensure that Mana products get to our customers on time. This involves coordinating the transport of raw materials and end products, monitoring warehouse inventory, and handling customs issues.

He studied aviation business management at the Private College of Business in Prague. Before joining Mana, he worked for nearly 2 years as a load controller, where he was responsible for ensuring proper loading of international aircraft from all over the world. He also has experience in customs declaration.

He likes running and hiking in summer, cross-country skiing in winter and travelling year round.

"For me, Mana is an excellent alternative to standard food. I love that you can take it anywhere. Drink it in a minute, and you're good for the next part of your day. It really is a product of the future, and I'm glad to be on the team. The people are outstanding and they know what they are doing."