Zuzana Šlechtová

Customer Care Specialist

Zuzana works in our customer care department and fields technical questions. Just like the other girls in customer support, she answers phone calls and responds to written inquiries from customers new and old.

Before joining Mana, she worked as a clinical trial administrator and before that as a pharmacist. She has always been interested in health and nutrition, so she saw Mana as an interesting company with great potential.

In her off time, her favorite thing to do is practice sport. This includes winter sports (snowboarding), as well as summer sports (climbing, running, rollerblading and surfing). She is also passionate about travelling and learning about new cultures. In particular, she's got a soft spot for Spain, where she lived for a whole year.

"Mana for me is a promising company characterised by dynamic development and growth. It is open to new ideas and innovative young people, which is a pleasant change compared to my previous companies. Here, the imagination has no limits!"